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Calcium Chloride Test Kits
  • Calcium Chloride Test Method. ASTM F 1869, Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride

  • This method has and is the industry standard. Calcium Chloride Test allow you to achieve a quantitative figure which will coincide with floor manufactures requirements.

    Please note: The measurement obtained performing a Calcium Chloride only reflects the current condition of the concrete.

  • Results will reflect a figure of weight in pounds of water evaporations giving off over 1000 ft2 over a 24hr period. The test must be done when the building is at the same temperature and humidity.

  • Building Condition's as perASTM F1869 allows for test conditions to between 65°F and 75°F and 40% and 60% relative humidity. These requirements need to be sustained for 48 hours proceeding to and during the test.

  • The F 1869 method calls for cleaning a 20-inch-by-20-inch square at each test site to be sure you are testing bare concrete. This will remove curing compounds, sealers or old adhesive residue. The people who do testing for a living always grind the surface so the slab is completely clean. Failure to clean the slab may result in a false low reading.

  • ASTM F 1869 calls for a 24-hour waiting period after cleaning before the test kit is placed so surface moisture that was trapped beneath whatever coating was there can evaporate. Failure to wait 24 hours may result in a false high reading.
  • Relative Humidity Test Kit
    The all new Tramex probe is the most accurate and resilient RH probe on the market today. When the Tramex RH Probe is plugged into the MRH, CMEXpert, it automatically changes to Hygrometer Mode.The Tramex RH Probe provides the ideal solution for Measurement of Relative Humidity,Temperature and Dew-point conditions within the building structure and in structural materials such as concrete flooring, walls etc., as well as the environmental conditions within the building or structure. Humidity readings are displayed in both percentage Relative Humidity (%RH) and mixing ratio (grins/lbs or grams/kg) The solid-state capacitive sensor in the RH probe give accurate, fast results, allowing testing of the concrete slabs to ASTM F2170 (Insitu Method).

  • Instant readings in non-destructive and wood probe mode.

  • Measures up to 7% (6.99%) moisture content in concrete.

  • Measures from 7% to 40% moisture content in wood with optional wood probes.

  • Optional relative humidity probe provides clear digital display with simultaneous reading for humidity in both (%RH) and grains/lb or grams/kg in addition to temperature and dew point temperature.

  • Detachable 2/5 in. (10mm) diameter stainless steel RH Probe. Intelligent RH Probe can be recalibrated. (Traceable to NIST and international standards.

  • Can be used for sub-surface in-situ method (ASTM F 2170) or non-destructive hood method (ASTM F 2420). Optional relative humidity probe and sleeves needed. Complies with BS Standard BS 5325 and BS 8203 for above surface readings of RH.

  • Ten language choices: English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish, Dutch & Portuguese.

  • Hold freezes reading on Digital Display.

  • Battery Operated (Supplied).

  • Testing
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